This is a quick FAQ about the website :

1. I am a hacker, and I am going to hack you !

OK, good. Well, I suppose this shouldn’t be very difficult for you, dear hacker, but it would be a little stupid.

This is not a website about security, or Unix security, and it is not even hosted by myself… Defacing it would simply cross me a little, and put this website to a stop… Why would you do that ? To prove that you are good ?

Buddy, go hack some other website, because I really think this one will give you no pride and no joy…

2. I have noticed a mistake in a post, where you say…

I am making a lot of mistakes, and I would really like you to point them to me, so please do not hesitate to drop me a message or to post a comment about it, i’ll correct whatever is wrong and will not forget to thank you.

3. In your post about (…) you are not providing all the flags for the command (…) …

The aim of the site is not to replace the man pages (man <command>). All the flags are provided in the man pages, either online or offline.

After reading the short explanation on a command, feel free to get more info from the comprehensive websites or man pages.

4. … but this specific flag is really useful because…

This is different ! If you feel that a specific flag is really helpful and should be mentioned, feel free to do so in the comments !

Just do not forget to say on which OS and shell you tested it…


Enjoy !

Date Posted: 19 Dec 2011 @ 11:11 PM
Last Modified: 19 Dec 2011 @ 11:11 PM
Posted By: Dimi

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